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Скачать чит vHack v4

2010-04-02, 11:25 PM

This is an externaly Hack for VOIPLAY (should by VAC² secure, too)
It does NOT modify Memory!

-FarESP only

You can start the hack, when you want.
Start the hack, select cs as active window and have fun!
To unload the hack + driver, close it by pressing any key, when the
hackwindow is active !


This hack is VERY secure against VOIPlay.
It can survive anticheat updates without getting updated (autooffsets for the anticheat)
Its protected by a driver !
To reduce flickers, you should turn vsync on.

Windows XP



-updated VOIPlay bypass


-fixed Hack-timing


-updated some security against VOIPlay
-added full autooffsets
-fixed some bugs with the ESP
-deleted version check



seren1ty, xgx, tev, b2k5, ChrischMC, Gordon, [ZELDA], anarx

Скачать чит vHack v4 >>>

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1 Cheyanna  
An itnlleiegnt point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

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